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About owlling

Hello. My name is Haibo Yu a.k.a owlling. Graduated from the Computer Science and Technology Major, of Tianjin University [ 2015-2019 ].

Many people ask the source of owlling. It's owl + ling. Ling is my earliest name. I like the combination of them.

In my impression,The first computer I saw used a CRT display, a rolling ball mechanical mouse and the Win98 operating system. The first programming language I know is BASIC. Sounds like an old man.

When I was in junior high school, I saved my first salary through part-time jobs to assemble a computer and download Adobe series.

To be frank, I have been fond of drawing since my childhood, but I majored in computer science and technology in university. Coding is not my main interest. I prefer the minimalist and reasonable design.

The design I understand is not art, art is perceptual, and design is rational. Designers need to be rational and empathic to help people solve problems.

My idol is Steve Jobs. I think he is not a businessman, but a great creator. Keep "Stay hungry, Stay Foolish.”

Love all good things! I am also a fake chef( two dishes).🍳

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I currently work and live in Beijing.
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